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Rave results from real course grads:

"In Wake Up Your Worth, I learned that taking care of myself and setting healthy boundaries isn’t scary or rude, and now I’m able to make choices that honor my needs and make me happy!

I’ve seen huge shifts in my mindset that let me feel so much more at ease when I’m seeing someone new, including knowing that I’m a total catch, and trusting myself to make choices based on what feels right for me!"

- Cherilyn, 

"Prior to this course, I was really self-critical, and I used to tie my worth to my looks or to a number on the scale. I always put others' feelings before my own, and worried that prioritizing myself was selfish.

I knew that for me to be able to fully benefit from relationships with friends, with family, and with a romantic partner one day, I had to learn to create a loving relationship with myself first, so that I can transfer some of that love to others without losing myself in the process. The problem was, I just didn't know where to start… then I found Wake Up Your Worth, and this course gave me everything I needed to do just that!"

 - Patience,
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